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Can You Put Essential Oils Directly On A Himalayan Salt Lamp?

With the popularity of essential oils rising, one would think that any method or product out there would be able to do the job efficiently. We found this is not the case with Salts Worldwide.

The best thing about Salts Worldwide was how efficient the quality of the product. I looked at each and every bottle on the shelf and I could not find anything that was off base or problematic. There were some bottle designs and colors that were in different stages of an ingredient release, but that was to be expected and not a huge issue.

To start it out, let me say that it has been my experience that there are many myths surrounding the use of an oil-soaked glass bulb and then putting them on a lamp to put light into the room. It just does not work like that. If you dont have an oil-soaked bulb already, youll need to get one to use.

I wanted to find out if there was a way to do a Salts Worldwide essential oil candle creation that was similar to the one that they did that was in a salt lamp. I had heard many people refer to that when doing a Salts Worldwide candle creation. So, here is what I found.

First off, in order to properly use an oil-soaked glass bulb on a Salts Worldwide candle creation, you must first prepare the glass bulbs beforehand. You will need to soak them in warm water for several hours and then allow them to dry before using them on your Salts Worldwide candle creation. You can buy pre-soaked glass bulbs at most craft stores.

I had already done this and I thought it would be just as simple for you to do it as well. For most glass bulbs, you should place them in a plastic bag in the freezer for about a half hour. After they are completely frozen, use a long spoon to poke holes in the bottom of the bulb and then insert the bulb into the bulb opening of your Salts Worldwide candle creation.

The next thing I did was I started pouring a small amount of essential oil into the bottom of the jars I bought for the candles. I used this as my guide. When I placed the glass bulb on top of it, I moved the bulb around in order to spread the fragrance throughout the room.

In order to do this, all you need to do is get a container that you like to use and place it on top of the Salts Worldwide salt lamp. This would be the same as any other salt lamp that you use. Just make sure that the temperature is comfortable for you.

Once you do this, you should set the Salts Worldwide candle creation in the middle of the room where you want to create the scent. Try to keep it out of any reflective surfaces or mirrors so it doesnt reflect the light that it is creating. This is because the high intensity of the light could be harmful to those who may be using the same area.

Next, youll want to begin to cover the bulb with candles that you like to light in a Salts Worldwide salt lamp. Make sure that the candles are very high quality candles so you can use them in this process and not be affected by them or the lights.

When youve covered the bulb with the candles, you should put the Salts Worldwide salt lamp back into its place. Now, youll want to start the scent release of the oil and give the room a good 15 minutes before turning the lights off. This will ensure that everything goes back to normal and you can continue your salted candle creation as you normally would.

As a side note, the Salts Worldwide salts lamp comes with a bottle of rosewood essential oil and lavender essential oil in addition to the basic oil scent that you pour into the glass bulb. If youre thinking of making a candle in a salt lamp, I highly recommend adding a few drops of lavender essential oil onto the rosewood oil.

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