Salts Worldwide

Salt Brine Bath Salt Brands

The Salts Worldwide, Inc. brand is a very interesting brand for its unique brine technology. The salt itself contains harmful chemicals that are used to treat dangerous diseases. In fact the Salt World has been selling chemicals that are highly dangerous to our health for years.

You can see the same conditions with the Salts Worldwide brand like in their brine bath salts. Here are some of the things you should know about these salts and their harmful ingredients.

First of all the Coca Cola Company produces many of the Salt World products including the CoCos. These are treated salt containing chemicals. Coke brine chemicals have been tested to contain carcinogens such as benzo(a) pyrene and benzo(a) anthracene.

Some of the Coca Cola ingredients such as benzo(a) pyrene are naturally present in the plant but when they get absorbed by animals in the wild and the plants are harvested there may be a release of these chemicals into the environment. When humans ingest the salt products it becomes part of the body and accumulates in the organs.

Benzene is a cancer causing agent and also known as the much feared solvent. It has been proven that when ingested it can cause health problems in the long run.

The Salts Worldwide Inc. brand has tested their own product with the Salts Worldwide brand called Cococham which contains benzene. We now know that benzene has been found in cancer causing forms of benzene and you can see the results of this fact on the labels of these products.

Now you might be asking why Coca Cola would ever want to use chemicals in a product they produce. Of course the ingredients are listed on the label but the fact remains the presence of harmful chemicals is too high to not have them removed from a line of products. We just need to ask why would anyone want to use chemicals for their health products when they do not need to do so?

The Coca Cola Companys past is an example of these companies releasing chemicals into the environment. As consumers we are able to make the decision for ourselves if we want these chemicals in our bodies.

The Salt World brand and their various products use chemicals in the manufacturing process of their brine bath salts. The Salts Worldwide Inc. brand has been making claims that they remove harmful chemicals from their product. Yet you have to wonder why they include these chemicals in their product if they are going to use them in their product.

Why would anyone want to include carcinogens such as benzene in their product and the Coca Cola Company does not want to use them? They should realize that they are allowing a disease problem to grow and they are not going to solve the problem by adding to it. They should act quickly and create safe salt alternatives to their brine bath products to address this problem.

They will also need to recognize that these chemicals will only continue to damage your health unless the Coca Cola Company includes coco cola brands in their products that use kosher salt in their brine bath salts. You can help them by becoming aware of this product that is causing so much harm to the consumer.

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