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Dead Sea Salts For Massages – Why It Is Used In Massages?

Dead Sea salts used in massage therapy have had an important place in the world. Hundreds of years ago, after the water treatment process, a liquid form of salve and sand used to be mixed in a ratio of 30% sodium chloride and 70% natural salt.

At first, the chemical reaction was very effective, and since then the salts have been described as yellowish substance. These salts, though unicellular, are the most remarkable components of the Dead Sea, which is located on the Mediterranean Sea coast in Israel. Here, the water is heated up in order to reduce the original salinity of the sea water, making it even more potable.

The Dead Sea salt produced here is a mild antiseptic and emollient, which is why it has a great importance in the world today. There are still other natural oils that are not natural salts.

For example, there are other salts of sea water that include iodine and magnesium chloride. Because of the different minerals and salts in the sea, different kinds of sea salts can also be found. The blue-green sea salt is the largest salt formed naturally, with a consistency similar to silica gel.

Another sea salt manufactured and used for massage therapy is Limestone. Although the product is very similar to limestone, it contains no iodine and magnesium chloride. It is used to treat muscle stiffness and soreness.

Another type of Dead Sea salt that is popularly known as Dead Sea Sand is also well-known for its properties as a sedative. As a member of the sea salt family, Dead Sea Sand was originally mined from the Dead Sea, which can be located at the southern tip of the Mediterranean Sea.

Dead Sea Salt has also become famous for being a sedative because of its properties of mild pain relief. The salts healing properties are in fact classified as alkaloids and they are produced by a group of bacteria living in the ground. This scientific research is the reason why Dead Sea Salt is used for pain relief.

Dead Sea Salt used in massages is scientifically proven to provide pain relief for injuries and rheumatism. When used in massages, it can alleviate the pain in the joints and muscles, especially the muscle tension in the lower back.

Using Dead Sea Salt for massages is also beneficial to people who suffer from chronic pain or muscle strain. The combination of the saline solution in the massages and the calming effect of the salts help to soothe the muscles in a deep, relaxing way.

The effectiveness of Dead Sea Salt, when it comes to sports injuries is supported by scientists. Because of its high density, it has proved to be an effective component of sport-specific spas, which provide patients with a great, relaxing experience.

Using Dead Sea Salt in massages is a popular method for treating many types of sports injuries. Even babies are treated with it, as it is said to relieve the symptoms of constipation.

With regards to medical history, the claim that this mineral is harmful for humans has been proven false. It can be used to help relieve the joint pains in women who have post-menopausal problems.

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