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Difference Between Kosher Salt and Sea Salt

If you are wondering how the difference between kosher salt and sea salt is, the truth is that it isnt much at all. The difference can be confusing because people who eat both feel as though they have a very small flavor difference between them.

The difference between kosher salt and sea salt is actually more than you might think. The key to understanding the difference is in understanding what you need to know about your foods salt.

Salt is a way of dealing with the water content of a food. The salt absorbs the water and brings it out to the top so it doesnt interfere with the flavor. By boiling the food, the liquid is already highly concentrated and thus it does not get carried away by the water.

Sea salt has a different ability to remove the water. It does not just boil away the water, it actually creates evaporation. Evaporation in itself is a reaction between the water and the oil in the food.

Sea salt, however, does more than just remove the water. It actually enhances the foods taste. Sea salt has something called DMS or dextrose.

The food contained in a jar of kosher salt has a higher concentration of dextrose than a jar of sea salt. The reason for this is that dextrose acts like the preservative that we use on our fruits and vegetables.

The difference between kosher salt and sea salt is in the dextrose level. As the dextrose level is raised in sea salt, the dextrose creates a texture that is more appealing to your taste buds and actually gets absorbed into the food.

{Tdiff between kosher salt and sea salt | sea salt} The higher the concentration of dextrose, the thicker the sea salt youll get out of the container. On the other hand, you can expect your salt to be a bit thinner and less dense when buying kosher salt.

I often find that kosher salt tends to melt slightly in the mouth. But if you take a spoonful of sea salt and break it apart, you will find that it dissolves into the mouth much faster. Sea salt, however, remains solid for a long time before dissolving.

When you compare the differences between kosher salt and sea salt, you are most likely going to see the differences between natural sea salt packed. Natural sea salt is generally a little more expensive because it isnt packed in the container and they are added to the jars along with the kosher salt. Sea salt is harder and less dense and tends to stick to your teeth.

Sea salt tends to be more laxative than kosher salt. The consistency of sea salt is like a cake batter and the way you eat it is similar to eating some brownies. However, the salt helps with digestion, so the effect is worth it!

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