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Thousands of years ago, before we had the chemistry and the technology to use this salty alternative to cleanse our bodies, man was faced with a serious problem, one that was being addressed by the man himself. Because man has no experience in making water, he has made the mistake of believing he can make a miraculous substitute for water by experimenting with different substances and by using different proportions of different substances.

himalayan salt iodine

However, trying to cleanse yourself of impurities in water is a complex problem that requires years of study and experimentation in order to get the best results. Even so, some people have successfully done it using the traditional way, and others who follow the FDA guidelines have had great success using this way of purifying the water.

These people had tested the waters with Himalayan salt iodine, the same salt the New Zealand women and children use in their wells to purify water. If the New Zealand people succeed with their experiments, it would be safe to assume that the results will be similar to what they have achieved. It would also be safe to say that the New Zealand people have been successful.

The fact that they have successfully removed iodine from the water by using man’s best friend, the man-made substance, indicates that this is a safe substance to use for cleansing your skin. But the New Zealand woman who used the salt and the man in New Zealand used man-made material, and it was not salt that they were using, but some liquid man made iodine.

If the New Zealand woman was able to do the same thing that the women in New Zealand are doing, then we can assume that salt iodized by man must be a safe substance to use on the skin. The problem is that salt iodized by man must be the safest substance in the world. There is no way that any woman in New Zealand could do this, no matter how great of a scientist she is.

If the woman who has done this were using the same type of salt that was used by the New Zealand woman to purify the water, then she is doing the same exact thing, only a hundred times better, and without having to use man made iodine. How is it possible for a simple solution to remove a chemical like iodine from the water to have all of the health benefits without using man made material? Is there any way that salt iodized by man can cleanse your skin better than the New Zealand women are doing?

I doubt that, and the fact that there are some American women who are doing the same thing that the New Zealand women are doing proves that the solution does not exist. The salt used by the New Zealand women are not using iodized salt, and are not using the salt that has been iodized by man. It is possible that the water used in these New Zealand women’s cleanse may be better than the water that is used by the American women to cleanse the skin.

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