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Himalayan Salt: Pink and Natural

Himalayan salt comes from the rock fields that are in Tibet. It is mined on the other side of the Himalayas from where it gets transported to different countries, like India, China, Nepal, Pakistan, Thailand and Myanmar. This is not a major factor for people as it is very rare and only found in very small quantities.

The volume of salt in a cubic meter of salt is about thirty-five grams or about one thousandth of the weight of the salt. With this in mind, a cubic meter of salt would be about thirty thousand grammes. You will find that Himalayan salt tends to be less dense than ordinary table salt.

The first process to get Himalayan salt is to extract it from the mountain salt. The mineral content in the salt has to be considered here. Minerals present in the mountain salt are Ca, Mg, Zn, Cu, Ag, P, Ti, Zr, Mo, Cr, Ni, Ag, etc. It is because of these minerals that salt can retain the moisture in its natural state. This is an important point that you need to take note of when you buy this kind of salt.

The next thing to remember is that these minerals are also bound with some chemicals like Zinc Oxide, iron oxide, manganese oxides, titanium dioxide, etc. Since these minerals are naturally abundant, it is wise to buy Himalayan salt that is rich in them. On the other hand, you must be careful about the impurities as they might be harmful for your health.

You must buy only Himalayan salt that is pure salt. You should also be aware of the color of the salt. As Himalayan salt is found in rock salt, it has a deeper color than the normal table salt. It is quite attractive to look at, so it must be made sure that it has a good color.

Pink Himalayan salt is also popularly used in certain spices like curry powder. Through pink is not a good color for the salt, it still has a special meaning for many people. As pink is a bit lighter than white, it conveys a much more fragile and delicate feeling. Thus, people are attracted towards pink Himalayan salt.

The price of pink Himalayan salt is very high, however, it is worth it if you go in for the product. Pink Himalayan salt is slightly pricey than ordinary table salt. This is because of the presence of better quality minerals. Himalayan salt is also known for its natural state and its consistency.

Make sure that you purchase your pink Himalayan salt from a well established store that guarantees the quality of the salt. If you want to save a few bucks, then make sure that you buy it from a wholesaler.

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