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Using Words To Influence Consumers

Pro Healthy Salt and the Pro Healthy Health Summit that they host each year takes the readers and attendees of the books of Timothy Fisher, B. Anthony Lowell, and Jack Canfield to the next level. This is where we come in.

There are so many books out there that talk about healthy living, or good nutrition, but you will not find a single one that talks about salt. To get these types of books out there you need to do a lot of marketing.

Marketing experts tell us that you can promote a product or service through the use of words like Worth ItUseful. They tell us that this is a sure-fire way to sell.

But they dont tell us that when we hear those words we are more likely to buy something than if we heard those words and were told to go get a walker instead. Thats just one example of how the use of words can influence people.

And so we tell you to read books like the three mentioned above and other books that discuss salt. We tell you to talk to your friends and families about their experiences with eating healthy, exercising, and taking care of their bodies.

We tell you to talk to other people and read articles that talk about healthy living. And when we say use of words it doesnt mean that we tell you to change the way you talk to people.

We tell you to use words that will influence people to take action. Words like Worth It, Useful, Everything is important, Something has to change, and Put all the resources you have into doing something to improve things.

These are all stories that can make for a couple of hundred words of a book, but when used in conjunction with the word count of the impact on the reader is much more. We think that if we tell you about a problem or what we want you to do for a cause then we have met our objective.

What we are doing is telling you to take action because that is how our brains work. It is all too easy to sit around and do nothing.

It can be very difficult to simply sit around and do nothing when we think about all the pieces of our body. Its easy to let our bodies lie around and heal themselves, but its far easier to take action and take our bodies out of the do nothing state.

Writing is an art, and so is the way in which we describe things. The more we practice this the more effective we become at convincing others to take action and achieve goals.

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