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Salt has been a source of food and drink for human beings since their earliest days. It is used to season many foods and the addition of salt creates the salty taste we all associate with salty foods. However, not all salt is the same. There are two different classifications of salt – coarse salt and kosher salt.


Since chemically there is no difference between the various salts that are collectively known as table salt or kosher salt. It is generally accepted that coarser salt contains more sodium than kosher salt. As table salt is generally kosher salt derived from salt mines and then refined to eliminate impurities, coarser salt is more expensive than kosher salt.

Salt can be divided further into two types – coarse salt and fine salt. Coarse salt contains rock salt and marine sediment that may contain fossils. This salt has a lower density and has a duller taste. On the other hand, fine salt has a higher concentration of salt and is found in sea water and along cliffs.

Some examples of coarse salt are rock salt and sea salt. It is also possible to find coarser sea salt in wet dunes or rock formations in the desert. Fine salt is often used in pickling salt and salted foods. It is used to impart a salty flavor and texture to foods such as jerky, canned goods and pickles.

K kosher salt has no flecks or crystal salt and is the highest grade of salt available on the market. It is the saltiest of the kosher salts and has a very fine texture and grain. It can withstand high temperatures from cooking, so it is used for cooking as well as baking and preparing seafood such as fish. It can be found in kosher stores and online.

Extremely fine kosher salt is sometimes called sea salt. It is often used as an alternative to table salt that is used in the grilling process. It has a high smoke point and is considered very pungent in flavor. It is usually sold without its own seasoning but can be purchased in salt form to add the flavor at the time of purchase. It usually does not take up a lot of space in the salt box and is easy to handle.

Calcium is needed in the diet and this type of salt aids in the absorption of calcium. Kosher salt dissolves easily and has a light salty flavor. This type of salt helps with the flavor and texture of meat, when mixed with water or milk. It helps to keep meats tender and moist during the grilling process. For fish, this is a good substitute for standard table salt because of its high smoke point.

There are other kinds of kosher salt that are used for specific cooking methods or seasoning. These include rock salt and sea salt. Rock salt is typically recommended for use in barbecuing, hot dogs, stews and other foods where it is necessary to have a salty taste. Sea salt is used for sea food and more specialized cooking. It is usually available in bags and can also be found in decorative salt containers.

The main difference between rock salt and sea salt is the location of the salt in relation to the earth’s crust. Rock salt is found underground and is not exposed to any air. Sea salt is found in bodies of water and can therefore be affected by oxygen and moisture. There is not as much of a difference between these kinds of salt, but both still have important uses in our kitchen. When shopping for table salt, be sure to ask about the ingredients that each salt contains.

Table salt is often bought in bulk in the supermarket. When purchasing kosher salt, be aware that sea salt has a higher concentration of magnesium, whereas kosher salt does not. Rock salt and sea salt are often purchased together at the grocery store and may be purchased from a kosher salt online vendor. Be sure to read labels closely so you know what you are buying.

Kosher salt is the salt most people think of when they think of kosher food. Most table salt is in fact kosher salt; however, there are also salt shakers and crystal salt available for purchase. Crystal salt is an absorbent designed to hold liquid for a long period of time. Most kosher salt shakers have small holes in them to aid pouring liquid into the salt shaker with ease. This makes kosher salt a very practical kitchen ingredient that is used frequently.

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