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Where Does Himalayan Pink Salt Come From?

Where does Himalayan pink salt come from? Well, it really depends on who you ask.

Now you are probably asking yourself, what is that brownish-yellowish-red colored material that looks and smells so much like salt? A question with a very important answer.

You might know that we are not talking about the water in Hawaii, where it has been mined for many years. We are talking about the salt that makes up this exciting new product found in every supermarket across the US.

Now, lets take a closer look at the Salt found in the United States. There are two sources. One is mined locally in US, and the other is found overseas.

The local source is what is used to make our salt. It can be sea water, and as the name suggests, that is where the salt comes from. The salt is usually transported by ship to the United States and brought to market there.

The second source of this product is another world. This is where this interesting new material comes from, and that is not made in the sea. In fact, it is made from minerals mined in places like Iceland and Australia.

When it comes to the color of this beautiful and flavorful salt, it will change the way you think about salt. Now, you can get the same delicious and scrumptious pink color as you do in Hawaii, but it will taste and look a whole lot better. Imagine salt that comes from different sources from around the world.

Where does Himalayan pink salt come from? The answer lies in an old belief, the belief that there are crystals of this mysterious mineral floating about the ocean floor, waiting to be discovered by man.

Well, there they are. Now, you can buy them. These are the salts used in several restaurants around the country, and you can also buy them as gift boxes to add to your kitchen countertop.

Many people dont like the salt with the bright red crystals. But the Salt has no such problems. They are crystal clear, the color is rich and strong, and they are not less expensive than the salt you can buy in Hawaii.

We all know that a great pleasure in life is the pure joy of being able to taste the salt on our tongues. Well, this is one such taste that you can enjoy in abundance from all over the world. Now you will want to start shopping for Himalayan pink salt.

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