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Is Himalayan Salt Lamps Safe For Cats?

Is Himalayan Salt Lamps Safe For Cats? This is a common question and one that many cat owners wonder about. Some believe the answer to be no, while others state that the answer is yes.

In this article I will explain what makes Himalayan Salt Lamps effective means of pet safety. It should be noted that these lamps are not suitable for young kittens or puppies, but should be safe for any age cat.

The simple reason why Himalayan Salt Lamps is safe for cats is because of their structural design. Unlike other kinds of lamps, there is no danger of toxic fumes being released by the salt crystals. As long as the salt crystal remains in place, it is safe for your cat.

That is of course, unless your cat suddenly coughs, sneezes or turns up his nose and wont stop! If you catch your cat doing something like this, you can gently blow into his nose with a soft sable brush. It will begin to clear out the salt and if there is no more that comes out, it will have expelled most of the salt as well.

Dont be surprised if your pet cat or kitten immediately runs into the dining room or into the corner to hide. He is just protecting himself from the poison. This would be similar to you putting your dog into the bathroom when he stops barking.

People have thought about this, though, and brought these salt lamps with them when they travel. The salt crystals in this type of lamp will stay on your person for many months without becoming solidified and causing damage to your person or your clothes.

Although salt lamps look very similar to salt water bowls, these do not contain the dangerous fumes of sulfuric acid. These salts use sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, or other neutral ingredients to produce potassium and carbon dioxide.

The products of this process are either distilled or cooled, until they contain less than 10 percent sodium chloride. The sodium chloride is then released into a high pressure stream and is contained in a reservoir where it is vaporized as it reaches the atmosphere.

That gives a little insight into the safety of the salt lamps. They are safe, especially for cats, and do not contain the danger of harmful chemicals. On top of that, they are an attractive item that people will want to collect, unlike some other pet accessories.

Many cats will go looking for these and will happily offer their paws in exchange for a bowl or any other item they may think is valuable. They should be safe, because they are designed to look just like a salt bowl. If you really want to save some money, make sure you have one of these available at home or office, so you can be sure your cat stays healthy.

Is Himalayan Salt Lamps Safe For Cats? Yes! You dont have to worry about this as long as you dont turn your pets bowls upside down.

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