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Is It Legal To Eat The Himalayan Salt Lamp?

If you are considering a Healesan Salt Lamp, you will be glad to know that you can eat it. Well, just about any product in the world that you can eat or drink is likely to have been made from salt, whether it is the sea salt from North America or some other.

When I heard this, I immediately suspected this is a problem where the mistake has been made of defining the word salts Worldwide. I wondered how the world thought this was acceptable. And if there is a problem, it might not be with the British being above the rest, as is often assumed, but rather with someone else who thought of it first, apparently and unfortunately, for Healesan Salt Lamp products?

I am, by no means, suggesting that all nations take the view that the British are unique and should not share their good taste in making their products. But it is interesting to note that sometimes countries where there is a long history of salt manufacturing may not see the point of making their own salt and yet they still might want to eat it.

So lets see if I can see it this way, is a different product for each nation, even the world? If so, then all of these products made from salt are indeed worth eating and could even be of some economic value, if they sell well.

If we are to consider the sales people in those countries and how they feel about being able to show the rest of the world that they can make their own product, perhaps they get excited about a new product and are not afraid to declare it to the world. But maybe they should take a little bit of a slow approach.

Can I Eat My Himalayan Salt Lamp? What Is The Solution?In the past year, I have been asked many times whether or not it is legal to eat something made from salt.

After all, there are so many benefits to using such a product as the shelf life can be up to twenty years. And salt lamps have such a high appeal in so many cultures, their use may even be considered a cultural act. There are many such potential benefits, but should they really be legal to consume?

In fact, a fair question to ask would be, can corporations even ask for permission to do business with the United States government? Does the US government have rules or regulations that govern their request to eat the salt lamp? What are the rules regarding the selling of a salt lamp?

Surely the most the government lawyers can do is ask the attorney for the company in question whether or not the salt lamp can be used commercially, which may not answer the question. Certainly, if the government had rules on what can be consumed in the United States, then it would not be a good idea for the government to eat the salt lamp for themselves, would it?

Apparently, in reference to the question, the company itself, Michael Berghusen of Nepenthe Designs was quoted as saying: Our goal has always been to create products that contribute to the use of natural resources, by helping people meet their desire for salt in their daily lives. We hope to release products like this in the future. Interesting, I thought that one was a little too optimistic.

What is the bottom line here? Is the Himalayan Salt Lamp good to eat or not?

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