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Dead Sea Salt Price

It is difficult to find Dead Sea salts that do not cost you a fortune. The prices of Dead Sea salts have soared in recent years because they are so incredibly popular. Just like other products that have become very popular, the popularity of the Dead Sea salts has allowed them to become overpriced.

Prices of Dead Sea salts worldwide seem to have increased since the millennium began. And if you want to buy one, you may be prepared to pay well in excess of a hundred dollars.

What are these huge stones used for? Well, first of all, they are used to treat people with several ailments such as constipation and diarrhea. They are also said to be good for the eyes and the skin.

Dead Sea salts have been found to have properties that protect against cancer and help heal bone fractures. These properties are said to be the result of the minerals in the seas brine. It is not just the brine that makes the salts so special.

People in the area where the Dead Sea salts are mined have been using them for thousands of years. Their claims to be an excellent medicinal salt are long-standing. It is estimated that the stones have medicinal value in the region of a million dollars.

Prices of Dead Sea salts vary according to where you buy them. An individual in the United States can expect to pay around five hundred dollars for one cubic meter of salts. This price depends on the region of the Dead Sea that you live in.

Many large quantities of the salt are harvested annually by mechanized dredging machines that penetrate the seabed in search of the precious stones. As is the case with most minerals, the price of Dead Sea salts is affected by supply and demand. Demand is higher during the wet season, which usually runs from December to April.

If you want to use your salts, the waters in which they are mined are far too salty for human consumption. Thats because the salt content is far too high. The only way to prepare the salt is to evaporate it in an airtight container to form fine granules.

The larger the container that you use to evaporate the salt, the more expensive the crystals will be. The larger the container used, the bigger the price that you will have to pay.

There are companies that specialize in purchasing and selling Dead Sea salts. These are generally the largest companies that are involved in the production of the salts.

Companies that offer this type of salt will arrange for you to purchase directly from the mine itself. There is no middleman involved in this transaction.

Purchasing the salts directly allows you to purchase them at a far better price. Another advantage is that the vast majority of the salts are made in Israel and are therefore relatively new.

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