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Himalayan Pink Salt Near Me

Many people have never heard of the Himalayan Pink Salt near me. They are so popular and mysterious. I have lived in Cambodia for eight years and had never heard of the Himalayan Pink Salt until a few years ago.

As a child I had loved collecting sand and rocks but I realized as I grew older that I would rather be doing something more creative. So I became a model designer, I had dreams of being a photographer and began collecting salt. For several years I kept many different colors of salt in a small coffee can container at home and brought them to my work as well. I had a real passion for salt, but when my daughter was born and I could no longer bring the salt with me, I decided to start making them.

The salt came in many shapes and colors, and although it was expensive to purchase it, I found a way to get more. I made the salt for myself and my friends and now sell it on the internet and at my local stores. There are a few stores online that offer real salt. They have different types and prices than the real ones but there is a fair amount of salt for sale and everyone will know you have real salt. I make my salt in stainless steel and by mixing two colors of colorless salt together.

Sometimes my friends would bring some, and we would take turns sampling and mixing and then would add more, or mix up some salt for ourselves and see what we could come up with. We used it for everyday use and added just a little bit of color.

For a few years, I made just a small salt for my household, and then one day, it started to get out of control. Some of my friends and I decided to start selling our salt around town. We called it the HimalayanPink Salt Company.

When we first started, we opened our own retail store in downtown Phnom Penh. At first it was very successful, but then we decided to move into a bigger location. The rent was very high, and there were issues with construction. We took some time to figure out how to create something in Cambodia but eventually got everything squared away and we opened up our new store downtown.

Every morning, I would have a paper route at the corner of Wat Cim so I could get to work early enough to make it to the Himalayan Pink Salt Company early enough. Each day I would fill a large plastic bucket with the Himalayan Pink Salt in order to preserve it and then transport it by bicycle to the downtown location. Because the name was so unique, our customers didnt know it was a brand new company until they would drive by and notice the salt!

Over the past couple of years, the Himalayan Pink Salt Company has grown. They have opened up an online store in the United States and have added stores in Spain, Argentina, and Australia. They are working hard to expand to other countries.

I travel a lot for business and when I need a salt, I go to my good friend Tim in San Francisco and tell him what I need. He tells me to order my Himalayan Pink Salt from him. Then, the whole family goes to his store and each pick up a little bit.

When we buy our Himalayan Pink Salt, we call it our Himalayan Salt Team. Then when we go out for dinner at one of my favorite Cambodian restaurants we say a little prayer for the survival of the Himalayan Pink Salt Company and the salt.

I know many people ask about Himalayan Pink Salt all the time, but they are very shy to tell me where they got their pink salt. But, I am happy to know that is an online store where they can come and get it, at the best price.

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