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Himalayan Salt Reviews Has Never Being Positive

I recently read an article from a Himalayan salt review site on a positive review of American Himalayan salt. I can not tell if the owner of this site is just a really smart guy who knows a lot about the stuff or if he had a vested interest in the article because he actually had a problem with it but had no way to express his concerns in any other way other than with an article about it.

It is strange to me that this article still has references to the people who wrote the review of Theurchikadeshi for Himalayan salt which are now deleted. Perhaps that would explain why they took such a public stance, and of course why I never found anything about this customer review of Theurchikadeshi.

What we do know is that it is a well known company that manufactures Himalayan salt. There are some really good reviews online about it, but more interestingly, it is also a little known company that supply Amazon with a large amount of items.

If the owner of the Himalayan salt review site believes that he was not influenced by Theurchikadeshi in writing the reviews, and that he had in fact read the review, then I can not help but wonder what his motives are. After all, who else would he go to for his product information other than an actual company that manufactures it? I think I would also trust a Himalayan salt review that had product information written by a salesman over one written by a third party.

After doing a search on Theurchikadeshi reviews that were found on some websites and doing a quick little bit of reading on the subject, I found that they are by a customer that has no relationship to Himalayan in any way. He was in fact a rather disgruntled customer.

It is worth noting that I have never seen or read any reviews that have been written by a member of the group that gave the reviewer his only negative review of Theurchikadeshi. In fact, that review is literally all about the negative reviews of Himalayan salt and how they are all from disgruntled customers.

The only negative comment I could find about Theurchikadeshi is a comment from a reader on a product review site where he appears to actually have no affiliation to the company. If you have never seen a Himalayan salt review written by a disgruntled customer then you really should do some research into the company and their products.

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