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How Long Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Last?

When I first found out about the my home office lighting, I could hardly believe the answer. These lamps are almost as indestructible as glass. After all, these lamps that are solid with no waxy coating, no lacquer, and no finish; they can withstand the harshest elements of our climate, such as the changing of the seasons and constant use from every day to nights, and all it takes is a few coats of what?

They are great for many uses in a large wall. I thought about using them as night lamps and my wife and kids like the idea.

There is not much more expensive than buying these lamps. You can purchase them at any local home improvement store or even online. They are usually a little pricier, because they need a coating, but you get what you pay for. Now, lets talk about how long do they last.

For Salts Worldwide, these lamps are rated for about ten thousand hours of use. That means you can light up a room for a good five or six hundred times before you should have to re-coat them. Its amazing how long they can last.

Salts Worldwide is known for making high quality lamps with their powerful salts and minerals. You will find their salts are both safe and long lasting.

One of the main benefits of using their salts is that they provide the lamps with a much longer life span. You can expect to see your salt lamps in the attic for more than twenty years, and maybe even to see them on the patio for another thirty years.

I think Salts Worldwide has become very popular because they offer a lifetime guarantee on their salt lamps. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your salt lamps after seven years, or if for some reason the lamps are damaged in any way, you simply call them and they will replace them.

Many people want to know how long do Himalayan salt lamps last. This is because they are truly indestructible, and they dont require a coating, so the initial cost isnt high. After a while, you will see just how well they will last, and whether you will be able to re-coat them without harming the resin.

My kids really enjoy hanging their salt lamps over their fireplace, and we actually put the mantle light on top, to illuminate the mantle and mantel area of our fireplace. You see, not only does this light up the room nicely but it makes the room feel more warm.

Salts Worldwide lamps are made of heavy gauge stainless steel and their lamp bases are made of glass, and because of the large size of the lamps, there is no need for a coating, so they are very resistant to wear and tear. All I can say is that the quality is superb.

Some folks who do not use their salt lamps often, because they are not using them all the time, but it just seems logical to me that these lamps are the best way to illuminate a room. I cannot believe that we had not considered them in the first place. The convenience, the cost, and the lifetime guarantee all add up to make them the best option for illuminating your home.

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