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Kosher Rock Salt

Kosher rock salt is the product of five generations of the Kabbalah and is based on an ancient salt. Using an actual salt that has been in existence for thousands of years gives it a distinct, distinctive taste and design.

Kosher rock salt comes in a variety of grades. Each grade has its own history and the different grades will affect the quality of the salt in many ways. Some grades are mass produced to eliminate any natural variation that may exist in a salt from the sea or mines.

Salt granules, which are the real salt of the sea, come in four different grades, natural, mini-salt, mini-crude and kosher. Kosher means the salt came from one of the seven sea coasts of Israel.

The better grade of sea salt is given the highest polish because it is cleaned up the best by the salts of the sea. You will find that there are only a few countries that use Kosher salt because the sea salt is so precious. Another reason for its scarcity is the fact that a large amount of sea salt must be mined before it can be used.

Kosher salt is typically mined in Israel. In a few cases the sea salt is mined in Syria and Lebanon. The sea salt mined in Syria is usually mined by hand because of the incredible heat involved.

The costs of producing sea salt are extremely high due to the cost of the machinery used to mine the salt and the labor involved. It also takes an enormous amount of salt to make the sea salt.

So, what is the use of these salt makers if there is no fresh sea salt? Kosher rock salt is refined salt using a process called Reverse Osmosis. The reverse osmosis process means that the salt is broken down using a solvent that washes away all the impurities.

These impurities include most of the minerals found in sea salt, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and chloride. The chemicals in the salt tend to cause the need for more salt.

The water used to dissolve the salt is purified first and then evaporated. Finally, the salt is returned to the sea. When salt is brought back to the sea, it loses much of its original flavor because it loses many of the minerals.

So the Kosher salt made from sea salt actually contains large amounts of impurities that are not in the salt that is found in the sea. Many people enjoy kosher salt that has not been refined to remove the impurities.

There are two types of Kosher salt. One is the original sea salt and the other is refined salt. The original sea salt has many advantages over the refined salt, such as the earthy taste of sea salt, but the refined salt does have one great advantage.

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