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Organic Iodized Salt and Why You Should Use It

The use of organic iodine salt and iodized salt is an effective way to reduce your salt intake. Organic iodine salt is sold over the counter by most grocery stores and health food stores. Its sold as an organic form of iodine with an iodine content of zero percent, so you cant get sick from it.

These are the two most common sources of iodine in the Western diet. Although, when prepared correctly they can be beneficial to many health conditions. Unfortunately most iodized salt is usually composed of the ingredient sodium chloride, a salt that doesnt work well in preventing a variety of ailments and diseases.

Salt has been used for thousands of years by Native Americans, as a means of cooking food. Today, however, salt has become a staple in our diet as it is used to cook nearly everything we eat. Cooking foods causes the concentration of sodium to rise which will lead to the retention of water in the food. This will then cause the food to become too salty, and youll suffer from a whole host of ailments.

Other health problems include heart disease, high blood pressure, digestive disorders, diabetes, high cholesterol and even cancer. Sodium is what causes many of these to happen. By removing salt from your diet youll also remove the harmful sodium that is contained in it.

An added common additive to these salt substitutes is the synthetic iodine. You can see why this additive doesnt provide good results; it isnt a natural source of iodine.

However, you will find that many health conscious consumers have switched to organic iodine salt. While it is still not a solution to the problem of over consumption of salt, it does present a very low risk of harm.

Iodized salt is madeup of the compound sodium chloride and the iodine isotope. Since Iodine Iso-17 is the rarest type of iodine you can get naturally, there is only one commercially available iodized salt on the market. This salt is found at many grocery stores and health food stores.

There are few things more effective for your health than sodium chloride salt. So if you want to reduce your salt intake you should add organic iodine salt to your kitchen cabinet. However, keep in mind that you should always buy fresh sea salt and never add any salt substitute to any of your food.

Another healthy way to increase your intake of this natural mineral is to add it to your diet while preparing other foods. Cook foods with plenty of sea salt in them. For example, when cooking eggs you can saute them with a bit of organic sea salt and then sprinkle the salt on top.

You can also buy organic iodized salt in the store or online. In either case make sure that the salt you buy is iodine free. Many stores offer these in a wide variety of salt forms.

When buying salt, its always wise to use the organic version. It will save you money on your salt bill each month. Plus you will be reducing your intake of other toxins that are harmful to your health.

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