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Why Salt is Healthy, But Salted Foods Arent?

Why are the salty foods we like so much? Its simple, for us, a piece of bread, we love it because of salt. For our ancestors, food was often preserved with salt to make it more palatable. Many things may have changed since then, but salt remains a staple of American food culture.

Sodium is especially important in keeping our bodies hydrated. Without it, there can be trouble in hydration, particularly with the skin.

Salted food is an essential part of many diets today. A diet high in salt can contribute to high blood pressure, kidney problems, and diarrhea. And, of course, there is the added health risks for those who overdo it.

The recent rise in the population with high blood pressure has been directly tied to the rising amount of sodium. Even just the average daily consumption of salt can do harm.

Sodium is also critical for tissue production. Research has shown that our kidneys produce more cells, specifically sodium-sensitive potassium channels, when they need to regulate the number of sodium and potassium ions.

As we become aware of the effects of consuming too much salt, most of us are on a quest to avoid salt in our diet. But what if there was an alternative that worked the same as salt? Where could we find a wholesome alternative for salt?

Salty foods are perfectly healthy, and yet, unfortunately, thats where theyve gotten us. A salted snack is filled with refined sugars, but many of the manufacturers believe this is important in order to sell more salt-filled products.

Though many companies are now aware of the health promotion of salt, youll still hear about health promotion. They claim that a well-formulated salt-free product can make us healthier. Thats a flimsy argument, as any salt that you consume will provide little to no nutritional benefit.

You cant buy an alternative salt thats not processed or made from sea salt. Salts Worldwide sells pure sea salt. You wont find processed sea salt or unnatural ingredients, such as sodium chloride.

Not only does Salts Worldwide focus on making its product totally free of additives, but it also includes a good bit of calcium, as well as potassium and magnesium. Youll notice that many of its products dont have a lot of calories, either.

So, if youve taken a step away from your sodium-heavy diet, try a healthier alternative. Salted snacks are natural, but they wont help your body get better health overall.

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