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A lot of people have been using the messenger app on Facebook for business. The reason why is because it helps them in several ways. For example, they can use the messaging service to connect with their employees. They can also use it to interact with clients. But, the biggest benefit of using the messenger app on Facebook for business is that it can be integrated with other apps. This is a great way to help your business grow and become more efficient.


HealthTap is a virtual health care provider that has been serving hundreds of millions of consumers since 2010. Today, HealthTap offers health-related chatbots on the Facebook Messenger app. These chatbots allow you to connect with medical professionals. You can request a live video consultation or receive an answer to your questions from a database of 100,000 U.S. physicians in 141 specialties.

The service is free. It is also available on Android and iPad. To access it, you must have a Facebook account. If you do not, you can download the free iOS or Android app.

With HealthTap’s chatbot, you can ask questions about health, prescriptions, referrals, and more. It will analyze your queries, and then send you answers from a database of physicians. In less than 24 hours, you can get the information you need.


Everlane was one of the first brands to partner with Facebook Messenger’s customer service tool. The company uses a combination of human agents and chat bots to provide support. It’s been using the app for more than two years and a representative said the move is to better serve consumers.

Everlane’s move comes just days after Twitter axed its social commerce button. The company says that it has one or two messenger reps who handle 200 enquiries a day. Despite its success, it may have been a misstep.

Facebook aims to change how businesses communicate with customers. A new tool called M will give software developers access to artificial intelligence and machine learning. These new tools can help companies build more complex bots.


Travel-fare aggregator Kayak is using Facebook messenger bots to help customers find the best deals. The Kayak Messenger bot is based on the English-language version of its US website. It provides recommendations on flights, hotels, and activities.

The Kayak chatbot uses a search history to recommend a range of options based on customer input. You can also use the bot to update your travel plans. This is a great option for first time travelers.

In addition to the chatbot, Kayak has a messaging app that allows you to text travel questions. This includes airline, hotel, and rental car queries. When you send a message, the app responds with photos and user ratings.

Kayak isn’t the only company betting big on Facebook messenger bots. Other companies like Skyscanner, Hipmunk, and Expedia have all launched tools that utilize the platform to deliver personalized travel recommendations.


A growing number of companies are using Slack and Facebook Messenger bots for business. This integration makes work more efficient and can save a company money. Having these tools can also make your life easier.

MeBeBot, for example, is an AI chatbot that integrates with Slack. It uses IBM’s artificial intelligence to automatically answer employee questions. As a result, inquiries about support issues are reduced by 60-70%.

MeBeBot also delivers consistent communications to remote workers. It is available 24 hours a day. Using this software is easy and requires little IT involvement. In addition, it supports HR, Operations, Benefits, Facilities, Payroll, and IT.

The MeBeBot Customer Admin Portal displays a real-time dashboard and allows admins to edit content. Users can also access a crowdsourced Global Knowledge Base.


ManyChat is a chatbot maker that provides a free online chat feature to help businesses engage customers. These bots are an excellent way to help customers track orders, answer inquiries, and more. The software also syncs up with other business tools.

The free version of ManyChat offers a limited set of features. You can build your own bot, though. There are also a number of integrations you can use to add extra functionality. This includes integrations with your other social media accounts. Alternatively, you can opt for a paid service.

For $10 a month, you can get ManyChat’s top-of-the-line bot package. This includes a number of features, including custom branding and SMS marketing solutions. It’s a good choice for small businesses, or those who only want to engage a select number of subscribers.

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